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How to cash out from Coinbase Wallet?

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Coinbase Wallet lets you store funds that you have purchased from Coinbase or any other exchange. Users who have linked their Coinbase Wallet Login to an exchange can withdraw funds by accessing the exchange account. You can withdraw funds using your exchange app or a web browser on your device.


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The basic principle of tokenomics is to balance the user’s rewards with token stability. This process is made up of four functions that result in a 14% fee for buyers and a 16% fee for sellers.
5% of every transaction goes towards the Safuu insurance fund (SIF), which is the reason for rewards and price stability. A separate wallet is required for SIF which distributes 0.02355% of the rewards to holders every 15 minutes. In order to eliminate the possibility of any risk of a flash crash or any other instability Safuu is managing this fund.



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