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So far, we have seen how strategies, activities and analyzes have become increasingly complex with the evolution of digital marketing . Knowlge, experience and skills may not be enough if you don't have a tool capable of making everything work , like a perfect mechanism. Not only that, many activities to be carri out on a daily basis risk taking up too much time and too many people, while advanc platforms allow the automation of many operations , leaving room for strategic evaluations and facilitating performance. New Call-to-action There are thousands of tools, including marketing platforms , CRMs and integrations, so the evaluation must be very accurate and bas on the actual nes of the company.
This is not a simple process, even in this case: how do you understand which technology is essential for the wedding photo editing service company? How many tools do you ne to manage marketing activities, sales processes and customer service ? What is the available budget and what are the ROI forecasts for each solution? The decision becomes further complicat because, in the bb market, there are often more than one essential technologies and, in addition to the expense for licenses , those for training the staff who will use them and any updates must also be consider.

We have tri to analyze the main solutions available to BB , click here to download the free guide! It is important to remember that technology , however precise and cutting-ge, is not enough on its own  however, thanks to an effective combination with strategy , processes and above all people can support the achievement of objectives .business growth - technologyThe first step of an effective choice requires defining the challenges to be overcome with the help of a platform: are they marketing, sales.


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